Cheese"Serra da Estrela" and "Serra da Estrela Velho"  DOP

Product of Portugal:

The cheese Serra da Estrela - DOP is a cured cheese, semi-soft paste, buttery, slightly yellowed with few or no eyes, obtained by slow draining of curd after coagulation of raw sheep´s milk, own, by Thistle action, (Cynara cardunculus, L.) with a weight between 0.5 kg and 1.7 kg.


The use of the Designation of the Origin to which the cheese is produced according to the rules stipulated in the specification, which includes in particular the milk production conditions, milking hygiene and preservation of milk and manufacture of the product.


The labeling must comply with the law requirements in force, also mentioning the Denomination of Origin.

The cheese "Serra da Estrela" must display the marc of the certification that is given by the certificated company.


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